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Our Staff

Staff Pic 2019-2020.jpg

Top (left-right): Rani, Pillay, Zainab Muhammad, Ismenia Roncal, Lisa Ulric, Adriana Rico Bello, Sarra Hajjaji, Julianna Montes

Middle Row (left-right): Amanda Salinitri, Kaitlyn Geraldi, Yessy Chuquin, Gisele Kussey, Amina Mortady, Melissa Geraldi 

Bottom (left-right): Sophia Vourtzoumis, Amel Esseghir



The staff consists of educators who are qualified in early childhood, according to the requirements of the Ministry of the Family, who take an active role in staying updated on current trends and research on the development of young children.Through their skills and expertise, the educator guides the children to play, and observe and collect essential information to monitor and support the children in their activities. The educator takes an active role and participate in children's games, by explaining what they will do and by joining them in their games as well as helping to solve problems that may arise. The educator plans and organizes activities in small and large groups (ex: physical games, stories and crafts based on the interests of the children) with specific objectives in mind.




The parents are the primary educators of their children's learning experiences. A partnership between the educators and parents is essential for the growth and development of our daycare. We encourage and appreciate parental involvement, by allowing them to spend time with their child in their environment by allowing them to participate in classroom activities and group outings. Parents are notified of the outings and are invited to join us, if they can. These events create relationships and memorable moments for parents, children and the staff.




Supporting and guiding the children to become autonomous individuals asks that they are given the opportunity to make choices, express their emotions and verbalize their thoughts. Our program encourages respect, honesty and the sharing of control. Educators and children work in partnership to resolve conflicts and find solutions by following these steps:


Educator :
• Approaching the child calmly and stopping any action that may be offensive;
• Acknowledging the children's feelings
• Listening to the problem of the child involved (gathering information);
• Recognizing and repeating the problem;
• Asking the child for ideas and solutions and choosing one together;
• Staying close to observe, to follow up and to support.




Communication is the foundation of any good relationship. We are an extension of the families in our daycare and we appreciate the responsibility of this partnership. In order to maximize the development of the children, parent-educator meetings are held once a year. This gives us the opportunity to discuss and exchange information on the progress that the children have made.


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